One of Us dir. Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady. Documentary. Premiered 2017 Toronto Film Festival. Shortlisted for an Academy Award. A Netflix Original

Quest dir. Jon Olshevski. Documentary. Sundance 2017 Documentary Competition. POV.

Active Shooter dir. Star Price. 8 Episode Documentary Series. Showtime. Premiered Sept 2017.

Dirty Money: Payday dir. Jesse Moss. Episode of Alex Gibney Produced Netflix Series. Premiered November 2017.

Dirty Money: Cartel Bank dir. Kristi Jacobson. Episode of Alex Gibney Produced Netflix Series. Premiered November 2017.

Charm City dir. Marylin Ness. Documentary. Tribeca 2018 Documentary Competition. PBS Independent Lens.

The Proposal dir. Jill Magid. Documentary. Tribeca 2018. Field of Vision.

Afghan Cycles dir. Sarah Menzies. Documentary. Hot Docs 2018 Documentary Competition. PBS Independent Lens.

Harbor Keepers dir. Roger Ross Williams and Kristi Jacobson. In Production. Discovery Channel / Motto Pictures.

32 Pills dir. Hope Litoff. Documentary. HBO 2017.

Godfrey Project dir. Jon Breen. In Production.

Personal Statement dir. Julianne Dressner. In Production. Latino Public Broadcasting.

The Bandit dir. Jesse Moss. Documentary. Premiered SXSW 2016. CMT.

Solitary dir. Kristi Jacobson. Feature Documentary. Premiered Tribeca 2016. HBO Broadcast February 2017.

Life, Animated dir. Roger Ross-Williams. Feature Documentary. Premiered Sundance 2016, Best Director Prize. A & E / The Orchard.
Score Co-Composed with Dylan Stark. Score Producer

Rise: The Promise of My Brother's Keeper(in production) dir. Dawn Porter. Documentary.

Kingdom of Shadows dir. Bernardo Ruiz. Feature Documentary. Produced by Participant Media. Premiered SXSW, 2015

c Here Come the Videofreex dirs. Jenny Raskin and Jon Nealon. Feature Documentary. Premiered Full Frame 2015

Welcome to Leith dirs. Michael Nichols and Christopher Walker. Feature Documentary. Premieres Sundance 2015.

Tocando la Luz(2014) dir. Jennifer Redfearn and Tim Metzger. Feature Documentary. Premiered at Full Frame 2015.

The Measure of all Things(2014) dir. Sam Green. Feature Documentary, performed live. Premiered HotDocs 2014
Score, with Brendan Canty and Catherine McRae

Captivated: The Trials of Pamela Smart(2014) dir. Jeremiah Zagar. Feature Documentary. Premiered Sundance 2014
Additional Music

The Overnighters(2014) dir. Jesse Moss. Feature Documentary. Premiered Sundance 2014.

E-Team(2014) dirs. Katy Chevigny and Ross Kaufman. Feature Documentary. Premiered Sundance 2014

Vessel(2013) dir. Diana Whitten. Feature Documentary. Premiered SXSW 2014.
Score Co-Composed with Heather McIntosh

Evolution Of A Criminal(2014) dir. Darius Clark Monroe. Feature Documentary. Premiered SXSW 2014. Grand Jury Prize winner, Full Frame 2014. Score

A Will For The Woods(2013) dirs. Amy Browne, Jeremy Kaplan, Tony Hale, Brian Wilson. Feature Documentary. Premiered Full Frame. Score

The Axial Moment (Working Title)(in production) dir. Landon van Soest. Feature Documentary. Score

A Love Letter to the Fog (2013) dir Sam Green. Experimental Documentary with live music. Commissioned by the Exploratorium, San Francisco. Score Co-Composed and played live with Catherine McRae, Matt Bauder and Brendan Canty

The Education of Mohammad Hussein (2012) dir. Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady. Short Film. 35 minutes. Produced by HBO. Shortlisted for 2013 Oscar. Score

California Solo (2012) dir Marshall Lewy. Narrative Feature. 2012 Sundance Film Festival. Theatrical Distribution by Strand Features November 2012. Score

We Have An Anchor (2012) dir Jem Cohen. Experimental Documentary with live music. EMPAC and Toronto Lighthouse 2012. BAM Next Wave 2013. Score Co-Composed and played live with Guy Picciotto, Jim White, Efrim Menuck, Jessica Moss and Sophie Trudeau

Mr. Cao Goes to Washington (2012) dir Leo Chaing. Documentary Feature. Broadcast window on PBS 2013. Score

Informant (2012) dir Jamie Meltzer. Documentary Feature. San Francisco Int’l Film Festival 2012. Score

The Universal Language (2011) dir. Sam Green. Short Film. 35 minutes. Score

La Camioneta (2012) dir Mark Kendall. Documentary Feature. Score features members of La Cumbiamba Enye and godspeed you! black emperor. Premiered SXSW 2012. Score

Return (2011) dir Liza Johnson. Narrative Feature. Premiered at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. Theatrical release February 2012 via Focus Features, Dada Films. Score

Dragonslayer (2011) dir Tristan Patterson. Feature Documentary. Grand Jury prize winner at the 2011 SXSW Film Festival and Best Doc at Hot Docs. Theatrical release by Drag City. Broadcast Showtime 2012. Score

Canal Street Madam (2010) dir Cameron Yates. Feature Documentary. Premiered in competition at the 2010 SXSW Film Festival. Score

Utopia in Four Movements (2010) dir. Sam Green and Dave Cerf. Documentary with live narration and music. Premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, 2010. Toured for 2010 and ’11. Live Score with Dennis Cronin and Catherine McRae

Children of Invention (2009) dir. Tze Chun. Feature Narrative. Premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. Top Prizes at Sarasota, Boston, LA Asian, San Fran Asian, Nashville and Newport Film Fests. Theatrical distribution 2010. Score

Good Fortune (2009) dir. Landon Van Soest. Feature Documentary. Premiered at SilverDocs, Winner Witness Prize. National television window on POV. Score

Prodigal Sons (2008) dir. Kim Reed. Feature Documentary. Produced by BBC Storyville and Sundance Channel. Premiered at Telluride Film Festival, 2008. Theatrical release by First Run Features. Score

Empires of Tin (2008) dir. Jem Cohen. Feature Experimental Doc. Produced by the Viennale/Constellation Records. Premiered at the Viennale, 2008. DVD release by Constellation Records. Score collaboration with Vic Chesnutt, A Silver Mt Zion, Guy Picciotto and Catherine McRae

New Orleans Mon Amour (2008) dir. Michael Almereyda. Feature Narrative. Premiered at the 2008 South By Southwest Film Festival. Score

My Mother's Garden (2008) dir. Cynthia Lester. Feature Documentary. Premiered at Slamdance 2008, winner of the Special Jury Prize. Broadcast on MSNBC April 2009. Score

A Walk Into the Sea: Danny Williams and the Warhol Factory (2007) dir. Esther Robinson. Feature Documentary. Premiered at the Berlin International Film festival. Winner Teddy Award best Documentary. Tribeca Film Festival Winner NY Best Documentary Prize. Special Jury Prize Chicago Film Festival. Theatrical and DVD distribution by Arthouse/Red Envelope. Score and Sound Design

Long For The City (2009) dir. Jem Cohen. Short Film. With Patti Smith. Sound Design

Night Scene (2008) dir. Jem Cohen. Short Film. Commissioned by the Museum of the Chinese in America. Score and Sound Design

Free (2007) dir. Jem Cohen. Short Film. Commissioned by Renew Media. Score and Sound Design

NYC Weights and Measures (2006) dir. Jem Cohen. Short Documentary. Premiered on PBS WNET, then at the Toronto Film Festival. Also: Thessoloniki International Film Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival. Score and Sound Design (with the director)

Blasted: The Gonzo Patriots of Hunter S. Thompson (2007) dir. Blue Kraning. Feature Documentary. Premiered at the Rotterdam International Film Festival. Score

When I Came Home (2006) dir. Dan Lohaus. Feature Documentary. Premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. Winner NY Documentary prize. Score

The Federation of Black Cowboys (2003) dir. Eric Martz. Feature Documentary. Premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Score

Chain (2004) dir. Jem Cohen. Feature Narrative. Premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival. Additional Music and Sound Design

Alice’s House (2004) dir. Peter Sillen. Short Film. Part of the Black Mariah Travelling film festival. Score

Blood Orange Sky (1999) dir. Jem Cohen. Short Documentary. Additional Music (alongside Sparklehorse)

Silver Sling (2009) dir. Tze Chun. Short Film. Produced by ITVS. Score

34x25x36 (2008) dir. Jessie Epstein. Short Film. Produced by Chicken and Egg Films. Airing on POV August 2009. Score and Sound Design


A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2004) dir. Anne Bogart, performed by the SITI company. Play. Premiered at San Jose Repertory Theater for a five-week run. Remounted at Alabama Shakespeare Festival and for a NortheastTour in 2006. Score, Sound Design, Original Songs and Music Direction

Erendira (2003) dir. Kristin Marting. Play. One month run at HERE, NYC. Score, Sound Design, and Music Direction

Dead Tech (2002) dir. Kristin Marting. Play. One month run at Smack Mellon Studios in Brooklyn. Produced by HERE, NYC. Score, Sound Design, and Music Direction

Desk (2002) dir.Aaron Landsman. Play. At the Chashama, NYC. Score and Sound Design.

Uncle Vanya (2000) dir.Cynthia Croot. Play. At the Connolley theater, NYC. Score and Sound Design

Wreckage (1998) dir.Chris Bayes. Conceive and written by Aaron Landsman with T. Griffin. Play. Produced by PS 122, NYC. Score and Sound Design

Live / Other

The Adventures of Prince Achmed(1926) dir. Lotte Reiniger. Excerpt of animated film with new original score. Performed in an abandoned drive-in theater in NY state September 2011 Live Score with Catherine McRae

Uptight #3 (1966/2010) dir. Andy Warhol/ Danny Williams / Barbara Rubin. Recovered film of The Velvet Underground visiting the David Suskind show in 1966. Part of Warhol's Uptight series. Presented at the Orphan Films Symposium. Live Score

Manifesto DF (2009) dir. Jem Cohen. Live soundtrack experiment. Collaboration with the filmmaker, Guy Picciotto, Andy Moor (the Ex), DJ Rupture and Changorama. Premiered in Mexico City. To be presented at SANFIC in Santiago, Chile summer 09. Live Score

Danny Williams: Factory Films (2007/2008) dir. Danny Williams/Esther B. Robinson. Live soundtrack to films shot in 1966 at the Warhol Factory and lost until now.Premiered at the London International Film festival. Also: Viennale, NW Film Forum, Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, Walker Art Center, International House, Buenos Aires Int'l Film Fest, Argentina, Santiago, Chile, ICA Boston. Live Score with Catherine McRae and Guy Picciotto

Head Trauma Live (2007) dir Lance Weiler. Expanded Feature film. American Museum of the Moving Image, NYC. Live Score with Catherine McRae

Pauline Hollers and Other Films (2007) dir. Brent Green. Live soundtrack to animations by Brent Green. Rooftop films, New York. Live Score with Catherine McRae, Dennis Cronin and Brent Green

Fusebox Festival (2005) Curated by Jem Cohen at the Flanders Film Festival. Featuring Patti Smith, Ian McKaye, Guy Picciotto, Tom Verlaine, The Ex and others. Music Director (Guitar for Patti Smith and for Tom Verlaine. Soundtrack collaboration with w/ Guy Picciotto.) Foxx and Little Vic (2003) dir. Jem Cohen and Peter Sillen. Recording and short film with Vic Chesnutt for Benjamin Smoke DVD extra. Production, Arrangement and Recording

Fiction (2003) dir. Michael Ackerman.Evening length slide show with original live music. Live Score with Catherine McRae

8-ball, various pockets (2000 to 2007) dir. Jem Cohen. Ongoing live soundtrack experiments, often improvised. Various venues in NYC. Live Score with various musical collaborators